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Index of papers of every published congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop, and meeting received by the British Library. Updated twice a month.
Restricted Resource findit elm database
Philosopher's Index
A comprehensive database that searches the contents of over 550 philosophical journals as well as books, anthologies, and book reviews related to topics in philosophy.
Restricted Resource findit database
PILOTS Database
Citations to all literature on post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues related to traumatic events.
Restricted Resource database
Minnesota's second largest newspaper and a major source of news about state government.  Search and print full-text articles from 2010 onward.
Restricted Resource
Points of View Reference Center
This full-text reference resource presents multiple sides on current controversial topics. Each topic may include topical essays, supporting articles, primary source documents, images, and videos.
Restricted Resource Some full text availableelm database
Professional Collection (Education)
The Professional Collection is a selection of more than 300 full-text journals for educators. It offers balanced coverage for any professional educator in the following areas: arts and humanities; child and adolescent psychology and development; drug and alcohol abuse; health/nutrition/fitness; learning disabilities; literature; school law; science and technology; social sciences; and sports/athletic training
Restricted Resource findit database
Professional Development Collection
Full-text access to 520 periodicals related to education, including 350 peer-reviewed journals. Also contains more than 200 educational reports.
Restricted Resource Some full text availableelm database
Project MUSE
Full-text access to more than 150 scholarly journals and eBooks in all disciplines published by Johns Hopkins University and several other university presses.
Restricted Resource Some full text availabledatabase
Project MUSE eBooks
Thousands of peer-reviewed digital books from major university presses and scholarly publishers.
Restricted Resource database ebook
ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times
Full page and full article images from the New York Times with searchable fulltext from 1851 through 2009. Full indexing is available for articles, performance and book reviews, letters to the editor, obituaries, birth/marriage announcements, photos, and advertisements.
Restricted Resource Some full text availabledatabase
ProQuest Newspapers
Fulltext of 300+ U.S. and international news sources. Includes the New York Times (1999 to present), The Times of London (index and abstract only), the Wall Street Journal (1984 to present), and the StarTribune of Minneapolis (1986 to present).
Restricted Resource Some full text availablefindit database
ProQuest Newspapers: Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minnesota's biggest newspaper. Search and print full-text articles from 1986 onward.
Restricted Resource Some full text availabledatabase
PsycINFO is the premier source for finding scholarly articles and other information relating to all aspects of psychology and related fields.
Restricted Resource findit database
"PubMed comprises more than 24 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books."
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