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SubjectLibrary LiaisonPhoneEmail
African Studies Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Anthropology Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Aquatic Biology Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Art Quinlan, Jennifer(320) 308-5626
Athletic Training Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Athletic Training Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences Hubbs, Susan(320) 308-4996
Biology Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Biotechnology Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
British Studies Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Business - Accounting Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Business - Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Business - Finance Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Business - General Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Business - Information Systems Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Business - International Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Business - Management Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Business - Marketing Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Business - Statistics Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Cell Biology Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Chemical Dependency Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Chemical Dependency Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Chemistry Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Child and Family Studies Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Child and Family Studies Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Children's Literature Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Chinese Wexelbaum, Rachel(320) 308-4756
College Counseling and Student Development Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Communication Sciences and Disorders Wexelbaum, Rachel(320) 308-4756
Communication Studies Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Community Counseling Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Community Counseling Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Community Health Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Community Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Computer Science Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Copyright for Graduate Students Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Creative Writing Quinlan, Jennifer(320) 308-5626
Criminal Justice Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Dance Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Database Trials Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Database Trials Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
East Asian Studies Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Ecology and Field Biology Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Economics Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Education (Elementary) Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Education (Secondary) Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Educational Administration and Leadership (Doctoral) Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Educational Administration and Leadership (Masters) Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Engineering (Electrical and Computer) Hubbs, Susan(320) 308-4996
Engineering (General) Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Engineering (Mechanical and Manufacturing) Hubbs, Susan(320) 308-4996
English Quinlan, Jennifer(320) 308-5626
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Environmental and Technological Studies Hubbs, Susan(320) 308-4996
Ethnic Studies Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Ethnic Studies (African Americans) Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Ethnic Studies (American Indians) Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Ethnic Studies (Asian Pacific Americans) Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Ethnic Studies (Jewish Americans) Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Ethnic Studies (Latino/Chicano) Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Film Studies Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Financial Aid Information and Workshops Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
French Wexelbaum, Rachel(320) 308-4756
Genealogical Resources in University Archives Steman, Tom(320) 308-4753
Geography Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
German Wexelbaum, Rachel(320) 308-4756
Gerontology (Aging) Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Higher Education Administration (Doctoral) Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Higher Education Administration (Masters) Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
History (Minnesota) Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
History (United States) Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
History (World) Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Holocaust and Genocide Studies Hubbs, Susan(320) 308-4996
Human Relations and Multicultural Education (HURL) Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Human Relations and Multicultural Education (HURL) Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Information Assurance Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Information Media Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Information Media Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Intensive English Center (IEC) Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
International Relations Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Jewish Studies Hubbs, Susan(320) 308-4996
Latin American Studies Olivares, Olivia(320) 308-4822
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues Wexelbaum, Rachel(320) 308-4756
Linguistics Quinlan, Jennifer(320) 308-5626
Literature Quinlan, Jennifer(320) 308-5626
Mass Communications and Journalism Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Mathematics Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Medical Images for Nursing Students Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Military Science Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Music Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Nuclear Medicine Technology Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Nursing Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Philosophy Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Physical Education and Sports Science Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Physical Education and Sports Science Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Physics Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Planning and Community Development Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Political Science Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Psychology Flanders, Jo(320) 308-2064
Psychology Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Public Administration Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Recreation and Sports Management Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Religious Studies Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Social Studies Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Social Work Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Sociology Gorman, Michael(320) 308-2028
Spanish Wexelbaum, Rachel(320) 308-4756
Special Education Ewing, Robin(320) 308-2093
Special Education Inkster, Chris(320) 308-4930
Statistics Ewing, Keith(320) 308-4824
Theatre Prescott, Melissa(320) 308-4751
Wildlife Biology Gruwell, Cindy(320) 308-1508
Women's Studies Wexelbaum, Rachel(320) 308-4756
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